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I found this:

I... Have nothing. No plot. No stories. Nothing.

I swear people, a war DOES take a toll on your imagination. It's sad, once I had so many bunnies to write, and now I have to go hunting for them! God Help Me.

I wonder if this is me, basically struggling all my life to get out and typed the things I want to see written, only to feel embarassed by them the next day.

Given how much of the world devastation and evil I've seen these past few years, my days of being chronically depressed seem like a silly not-so-distant thing to think about really.

I think I should let you know this, old Nilie, old StarSparklez. Your friends, the brightest stars in your universe, they're still a fair distance from you, you miss them but just knowing they're out there somewhere shinning light of their own, that's enough to know on most bad days.

There is a way out of depression.

Long piece of mind on that last statement.Collapse )
Adventures await.

And I love you.

I have nothing much to give...

But hello, I am a live and well so here are a trailer and gif and quote, for those who care and are curious about my whereabouts :) I miss you all.


Rumpelstiltskin: "Don't doubt yourself now, deary. Love makes us sick. Haunts our dreams. Destroys our days. Love has killed more than any disease."


I've been expecting you... trailer.

Following Ono-chin who's been giving Harada-san the proper dosage of shipping love he never had  (that guy is sooo anti-romance, I'm glad his rival softened him up! - along with Dai Sato) Gotta love this!

So Jin and Xiaoyu have been have been happening in this series for like 15 years now? I can't remember, but it feels like OMG finally. Something to cheer me up in these dark times. - specially since I've done nothing but let down most of my best friends, I just feel so alone at times-

For those of you who don't know Tekken - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPT_qqJ12s4 Check out the intro made for n00bz and fans all in one go. Also, for those of you who've been hanging at the news for any new trailers for the upcoming Tekken x Street Fighter game which is gonna rock the world- Here comes the one confirming they're teaming up that I've been waiting for :3


To all my friends on LiveJournal. If you still remember me, Hi, I've been through hell but I kinda missed you when I had time to think, so how are you all?

*expects two answers maximum from Kiki-chana and Mystics*

Anyways, giggles squee.

EEEEhhhp squeak!!


Naruto 559 equals insane doses of NaruHina. 

I just might have tasted fangirl heaven. :P

Wasn't it awesome? - Also, congrats to Tobi for being the most amazing and only triple-trolling character in all of Naruto! :D

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